Missing You

Our precious moments fading to memory In this atmosphere full of maturity Buried in the depths of impurity Trapped within the chains of worlds ethics Forgetting the great life of mystics Never to be living again in theatrics Heart’s desire changes for the soul to grow In this ever changing world for the mind to … More Missing You

Dear Death,

Please tell me it is not yet my time… Please tell me that my light still burns bright… Please… Please… I still have a lot of things to do great and small… Confessions to be made… Promises to keep… Debts to pay… Who will greet the lone guard at the gate? Who will open the … More Dear Death,


“To the one I am going to lose, I know you wouldn’t give this a damn. But please, let me speak my heart out.” If I could only turn back time I wouldn’t told you it was fine, If I could only turn back time I would have told you it was mine. Electrified. This … More Unspoken